Monday, March 30, 2009

Surf Fishing - Fishing Competition Mangkuk organize by JKR Terengganu

( My Rod & Reel - Hopping for a good catch)

On the March 28, 2009 JKR Terengganu once again had organize a yearly event fishing competition at Mangkuk Village, Penarek, Setiu Terengganu, it was a very good respond by the anglers, the winner take home RM7000.00 cash, runner up RM5,000 and third place RM2,000 & many others lucky draw was been given away by the organizer.

Most of the anglers commented that a time that be given for the competitions is to short but anyway the competitions is really goes well even though that not much catch on that day. our friends Bro Azhar manage to take back RM2,000 after winning third place in this competitions, congratulations Bro Azhar.

The Winner is Siakap putih (Baramundi) 0.950grms, Runner-up Sembilang (Cat Fish) 0.940grms, third place Belukang (Cat Fish) 0.810grms and forth place is Kuku (Sweet lips) 0.610grms.

Anyway to all anglers out there, it always be another day because the next tournament is at Marang on the April 11, 2009 - GOOD LUCK

Bro Azhar - Third Place with RM 2,000

Good respond from the anglers

In the other corner of the fishing site - waiting for the strike

The Ikan Sembilang (Cat Fish) 2nd place, 0.940 grams just beside me...ha ha...ha..went it will be my turn..

Siakap Putih (Baramundi) 0.950grms - Winner

Kuku (Sweet lips) 0.610grms 4th place

Belukang (Cat Fish) third place 0.810 grams

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This weekend I went for Surf Fishing at Batu Rakit Beach, The locations is in-front (opposite) of the DIGI Tower, as usual many surf casters are trying their luck especially after the heavy storm heat the shore last week. Not a bad catch for the weakend with 6 sting ray ( 4 Tuka & 2 Pari).


Batu Rakit ~ The villages belive that no matter how high the tide this rock will never submerge

Other Surfers along the beach

The first 2 sting Ray (Tuka) cought on that day

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Surf Casting - Pulau Duyong Fishing Tournament

This weekend is the most Happiest moment for the Geng P'lekong Jorang when one of our group members Bro Alias is the winner and manage to take back RM10,000 cash on that day, it was a good fight & most challenging time for him.We were surprise by the un-expected mega sizes of fishes that was cough by the casters, 2 years ago the tournament is also held at the same locations with the conjunctions of Monsoon Cup Festival, but the winner is only a 2.5 kg of Ikan Belukang (Cat Fish). Congratulation Bro, and thank you for a Big Dinner that evening.

The geng Members is Helping Bro Alias with his catch
The moment that been waiting for
the cash RM10,000.0 present by Y.B Dato Hj.Nasir Tan Sri Ibrahim Fikri
Group's Photo with all the winners & Y.B Dato Nasir

~In the Making of the winner~

The Winner ~ Bro Alias Atan, Pro Surt Casting, his record of casting of 200 yards cast with 16 footers Banet Scopions rod & the mechines is Shimano SL5000.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Casting Garoupa (kerapu Minyak)

Our Geng P'lekong Jorang had tried almost every corner of Terengganu rivers, lakes, ponds, beaches, sea, but this time JAY and his friends went casting near the Island, from bottom fishing, jigging or trolling he prefer lure casting which is his fevourate and he never failed, he manages to catch few Garoupa on that day.

"Kissing Garoupa is better then kising my girl friends" say Poji