Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Surf Casting - Batu Burok Beach Mei 9, 2009

The Beautiful scenery of the Batu Burok Beach with the background of Primula Beach Resort - The place where I grow-up as a hotelier from 1980 till 1993

This two week I'm too busy with my site assignment and at last today I manage to free my self in front of my laptop to up load this picture of the Surf Casting competition at Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terenganu recently, Bro Aziz, our P'lekong Jorang Geng members manage to be at 13th places with his catch "Ikan Todak" sword fish, he took back a cash of RM200.00

The next day on the 10 of Mei, another competition was held at Kelulut Beach, Marang Terengganu but I don't have a change to joing them and below is some of the picture collections during the competitions at Pantai Batu Burok.

The Organizer - JKR Kuala terengganu

Pak wa - Preparing his rod for the tournament

Bro Aziz - Taking his position

Other Anglers - Getting Prepared

Bro Aziz with his catch for 13th place - Ikan Sembir(Todak) or sword fish

Bro Wan Is helping Bro Aziz with his catch

Bro Aziz at the Podium to collect his cash

The Wining Ray from 1st place to 3rd

The others winner of 4th place's to 10th