Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bro Hashim the Fly Fishing pro went to Surf Fishing

This weekend I have a chance to go out surf fishing with bro Hashim, this is the first time he went for surf fishing, he is actually a Fly Fishing & Lure Caster angler, he is so excited with the Surf Fishing and he had already planning to get one Surf rod for his second trip next weekend.

We manage to catch a few Ray's & Sole Fish and the venue is of course my favorite Batu Rakit Beach.

(Bro Hashim, Using a 5 footers rod to cast on the Shore, it a good try but he should used at lease 12th footers rod and if with his fly rod he can do better)

( He catch a Ray....bravo bro...)

( I got a Ray too..)

(My Son Daniel got a Sole..)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A different style and skill of Casting the 15th footer rod

The Surf Fishing getting more popular now days and the best is we can see a different style & Skill by the anglers went casting theirs 15th footer rod.

(this is me with with Abu Ambassador 7 series Multiplier)

(Bro Wan Zahari with his Shimano Back Runner 650 Spinner)

(Bro Razak with his Abu Max 650 series Multiplier)

(This My Son Daniel 8yrs Old, with his Ambassador 650 Multiplier)

Batu Buruk Beach - Bank Rakyat/Berita Harian Fishing Carnival 18.07.2009

After a long break, and if not mistaken it is almost two month I don't have a change to joint any fishing tournament, There is a few competitions was held at a various beaches in Terengganu during that time that I have miss out.

Anyway this week I manages to free my self again to joint this competitions, I was made to understand that almost three thousand participant had enter this competitions and consider the biggest so far in Batu Buruk Beach.

The best moment - meeting with other surf caster & Sharing our experiences

Bro Alias will always joint the competitions

Bro Aziz, Mat & Wa

The first catch just near my area

2nd catch is also next to my area, and it is also a ray

And the winner is also a Ray, 17.71Kg

It is Ray, Ray, Ray, & Ray

It is me in the middle with others anglers, gossiping