Sunday, March 7, 2010

14 Kg Ray

After a week I been trying to Surf along the beach of Teluk Ketapang till Pagar Besi of Batu Rakit but nothing promising until on the 2nd of March 2010, I got a good nibble of unseen creature that I suspected a Sting Ray, I manage to fight for almost 10 minutes but at the end I loss it, my fishing hooked were bend strait like were twisted with a pliers, Not satisfied with what happen on that day, I decided to invite Bro Lokman, Bro Mat & Bro Ariffin to joint me, After an hours at the Ketapang beach or to be more specific the beach call "Sarang Laba" Bro Lokman manage to bring up a 14 Kg Ray after almost 30 minutes of a good fight.

(Bro Lokman & his 14kg Ray)