Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to Hooked life shrimp or prawn bait

There is so many anglers or blogger in any forum are asking on the best way to hooked a prawn or shrimp with out loosing it when cast, especially if we do a surf fishing. I attached here a simple step by step picture that I feel the best way and it really work on me and hope to share it with you guys out there.

1. Start from the bottom end of the tail.
2&3. Twist the hook and hooked it back from the top of the shrimp
4. There is it..ready to cast
Note : the picture shown is a small shrimp for Gelama fish and it is also can be hooked to a
big prawn's for a bigger games.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Year Eve & January Catch

I don't have a change to post my report in the month of January and look like going to miss the February report as well, Today I will compile all the picture into one of my January fishing outing. It is not a good catch but anyway I'm happy for a the most valuable time I have with friends and family fishing together.

The Last Everning of the 2009
Location: Batu rakit Beach
Species : Gelama

The New Year Eve Catch
Location : Pengkalan Gelap
Species : Mangrove Jack, Fresh Water Prawn & Crab

(The Mangrove Jack)

The Mangrove Jack - On the 2nd day of 2010

Daniel with Senangin on the 9th days of the New Year 2010