Sunday, November 15, 2009

Looking for TARPON But it end up with MILK FISH

Mengabang Bakong Of Batu Rakit Beach. Terengganu

Since the Monsoon fall was so heavy for the pass three week's, then I rest my 15th footer Surf rod and start my lure casting along the river and pond around my area, I found out one nice port with a large and long river pond at Mengabang Bakong behind the INSTEP which is also in Batu Rakit, I went twice to this port, but my lure casting is don't work at all, many lure I been trying to cast, but it end up with frustration, the fish is jumping up from the surface of the river from every corner, As I predict that it is look like the TARPON fish, then since that the lure don't work , I decided to bring my friend Hashim the Fly Fisherman, then he manage to catch a nice fish, so we know that the species in this river pond are not TARPON but MILK FISH, it really a surprise to us where we though that this species have long gone.

Beautiful Scenery of the fishing Port

Bro Hashim begin his fly casting

Got It !!!!!!

Catch & Release

Bro jay & My self just smile, because this creature didn't bite our lure

We will be back with more fly fishermen for the C&R Games.