Friday, April 9, 2010

Coffee Shop Story

It is started went we were having a coffee at the coffee shop, then Bro Mat raise up the topic on our exsperience fishing at the "Pengkalan Gelap" about a year ago, it end up that we contacted our geng member's and heading to our favourate barramundy port which is about an hour from our place

( A Geng Members and our Catch)

(My First Catch - 800grms only, Just nice for a sweet & Sour)

(Bro Lokman with his 750grms Barra)

(Bro Mat - and his 700grm's Barra)

( The total Catch of the nite))

(And the total Catch is 10 Barra & 1 M.J)

(This is the last year Picture with the total catch of 21 fishes)