Sunday, October 25, 2009

Surf Fishing - PAGAR BESI

Pagar Besi Beach ( A Bidong Island in the background )

After two weekend I been trying my luck on this beautiful beach of Pagar Besi in the area of the most popular Batu Rakit Beach, At the end of the fishing day I manage to catch the 2kg Sting Ray, even though that so many time I got frustrated either the leader line cut off or hooked on the rock, one thing good about this beach is becouse of the rocky shore and with a lots of small fishes running aroud which will attract the mega sizes of fishes and Rays. as we know Terengganu have a longers beach in Malaysia and sure there are many more to explore..

( One of the anglers got a strike of the 4kg Sting Ray )

( A Video of the moment when a 4kg Ray was landed on the shore)

(The Best size and easy to landed)

( The group's of K.U.T international student is enjoying their weekend on the beach)

(Posing time, Hai Mum & Dad at home, look at us, this our catch of the day, we want to be a fisherman one day....)

(Bro Edie with his 2kg Baji)

( Other fishes that we cought that day are grouper and also snapper)

(It was a good ending on that day when at the end I caught a 2Kg Ray)

There will be another happening day next weekend and looking forward to be there again if the weather permitted.

- END -

Monday, October 19, 2009

Surf Fishing Pagar Besi

After a two days try, and at lease 4 hours for every session at Pagar Besi Beach during the Deepavali holiday recently, I was so frustrated that I just cough a small fishes even though that I have a strong nibble for three to four time, any way it make me so release after one of the anglers bro Pak Lee manage to catch a 20kg Ray, this video was recorded by bro Bahar and I attached here is only the last moment when this creature were bring up to the shore and sorry for the inconvenience due to the video image is upside down..what a great fight...Enjoy it.

(Video of 20kg Ray)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Surf Fishing - Pagar Besi Beach, Batu Rakit

It been almost a month and a half I didn't go out for Surf Fishing due to Fasting Month and Raya mood, Since that now the weather is showing their color of the MONSOON is coming ahead, I decided to survey the Paga Besi Beach which is on the same stretch of Batu Rakit Beach too. On Friday 9th of October we manage to catch a 3kg Ray, and others small fish of Garupa, Sweet lip, snapper but there is three time when one of the rod went into the sea and the creature manage to escape, and twice happen to me when the creature escape too. I promise to my self to repeat again next week if the weather permitted. I forgotten to bring my digital camera but manage to snap few with my handy and sorry if the quality is not that nice.

( Edie is fighting for his 3kg Ray)

At last he got it!!!

Bro Bahar Is Helping Edie to remove the torn from the Ray

( Edie Posing with his 3kg Ray )

Until the moment I'm posting this picture, Bro Bahar SMS if I would like to joint him today afternoon after work, hope the weather is permitted.