Sunday, October 25, 2009

Surf Fishing - PAGAR BESI

Pagar Besi Beach ( A Bidong Island in the background )

After two weekend I been trying my luck on this beautiful beach of Pagar Besi in the area of the most popular Batu Rakit Beach, At the end of the fishing day I manage to catch the 2kg Sting Ray, even though that so many time I got frustrated either the leader line cut off or hooked on the rock, one thing good about this beach is becouse of the rocky shore and with a lots of small fishes running aroud which will attract the mega sizes of fishes and Rays. as we know Terengganu have a longers beach in Malaysia and sure there are many more to explore..

( One of the anglers got a strike of the 4kg Sting Ray )

( A Video of the moment when a 4kg Ray was landed on the shore)

(The Best size and easy to landed)

( The group's of K.U.T international student is enjoying their weekend on the beach)

(Posing time, Hai Mum & Dad at home, look at us, this our catch of the day, we want to be a fisherman one day....)

(Bro Edie with his 2kg Baji)

( Other fishes that we cought that day are grouper and also snapper)

(It was a good ending on that day when at the end I caught a 2Kg Ray)

There will be another happening day next weekend and looking forward to be there again if the weather permitted.

- END -

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