Sunday, July 19, 2009

Batu Buruk Beach - Bank Rakyat/Berita Harian Fishing Carnival 18.07.2009

After a long break, and if not mistaken it is almost two month I don't have a change to joint any fishing tournament, There is a few competitions was held at a various beaches in Terengganu during that time that I have miss out.

Anyway this week I manages to free my self again to joint this competitions, I was made to understand that almost three thousand participant had enter this competitions and consider the biggest so far in Batu Buruk Beach.

The best moment - meeting with other surf caster & Sharing our experiences

Bro Alias will always joint the competitions

Bro Aziz, Mat & Wa

The first catch just near my area

2nd catch is also next to my area, and it is also a ray

And the winner is also a Ray, 17.71Kg

It is Ray, Ray, Ray, & Ray

It is me in the middle with others anglers, gossiping

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