Saturday, April 18, 2009

Suft Fishing - Golden Trivoli (Gerong Belang) Pengkalang Ah Hock, Batu Rakit Beach

Surf Fishing ~ Golden Trivoli (Gerong Belang) Pengkalang Ah Hock Batu Rakit Terengganu

We all always in the blessing of Allah, and Alham'dullilah till today we are in good health and enjoying our life with our work's and activities either with family or friends, this weekend I spend a day with friends at Pengkalang Ah Hock near the Batu Rakit Beach, Kuala Terengganu. This beach is just a walking distand from my Mother in Law house, I used to work with one of the Resort here (Gem Beach Resort) for almost 5 years and this is one of my fevourate beach too, everytime I go to this beach I never mise, either we catch a small fishes or a mega size. This time I would like to share the video and picture of the golden Trivoli(Gerong Belang) that I and few friends cought on that day..Cheers happy Surf Fishing.

The beautiful Beach with the back Ground of Old House and Gem Beach ResortSAN ~ Got a nibble of 2kg Golden Trivoli (Gerong Belang)

( Video of SAN fighting and catching his Golden Trivoli by his own hand)

It is 2kg Bro...

See I told you ...2kg...

Lan and his Geng - waiting for a nibbles

(The video of me fighting for a 1.8kg Golden Trivoli ~ What a fight)

It only 1.8 kg, but as all anglers know that this creature is very powerful & Strong


By the moment that I'm posting this blog, Bro Alias call me and inform me that 4 Ebek (Jack Fish) and 6 Golden Trivoli was landed by that englers including one Ebek (Jack Fish) was cought by him. A day before( 16.04.09) Lan & his friends has landed 4 Ray (Pari) between 4 t0 6 kg, 2 Ebek & 2 Gerong and the biggest catch is the Stinf Ray (Pari) 21kg by Zainal and I belive this beach going to be full of anglers within this week.

I also want some fish.....!!!!!

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