Monday, December 21, 2009

Back to Nature - Kuala Berang

My Son Daniel so excited to cast too..

Since last month I don't have a any story to post a new thread on this blog, it is also due to my frustrations on my trip to Lake Kenyir recently & and also because of that I can't surf on the beach due to bad weather, but any way, on the December12, 2009 I received the SMS from Jay and telling me that one of our team member from Kuala Berang (En.Mat) have caught a 4kg Hampala (Sebarau) at our favorite spot and quickly we arrange a trip for a follow up at the same spot to cast.

His first Cast

Then next ...and next...

After we was casting for an hour En.Mat came and joint us to try again for an afternoon cast and according to him there is a few time he lose the strike of the good strong fight from this creature and after 3 hours we were there, then we decided to walk off and will come back next weekend, I manage to upload few picture of the Hampala that he caught earlier in the morning.

Now will you believe it

It is 4 KG

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Asmoham said...

my father's hometown is in kuala berang too but I never know that we got hampala there..

I only went to several ports in Kg Gaung casting for haruan..

anyway, that was a really good catch.. big sized hampala..