Monday, December 6, 2010

Picture's Of Kenyir ~ Where the casters meet nature

On the December 2nd till 5th of December 2010 our group, the "GENG P'LEKONG JORANG" againt organizing the fishing trip to Lake Kenyir, the famous and biggest man made lake in south east asia ~ All the gang members are excited for the trip and all of this picture's will tell the stories, enjoy it..

(Pushing the boat to the limit hunting for Hampala & Red Mahseer ~ U'Jay & the gang)

((My first Red Mahseer)

(Ikram and his Hampala)

(Jay and his Red Mahseer)

(Hashim will always Fly)

(Our Video of the picture of KENYIR ~ Song TANPA by Sixth sense)

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