Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 Baramandi GONG BATU

The Good Sign of 2009

2009 have come out with the good sign for Geng Plekong Jorang. My trip this weekend with Bro Lokman & Bro San really have come out with a good catch's even though that we have to struggle until 3am. This place usually is the small stream near the river for us to catch a prawn as a bait but bro lokman decided to try and fish, at the same time we walk a long a river to catch the prawn for our bait.

Surprising... he caught a Baramandi (Siakap Putih) so we decided not to go anywhere else and continue fishing until 3am and the biggest cought that night is 1.2kg of Baramandi (Siakap Putih), beside Baramandi (Siakap putih) we so caught Mangrove Jack (Siakap Merah) and Cat Fish (Ikan Sembilang)

The Collections of Baramandi, Mangrove Jack & Cat Fish

3 Sweet & Sour Size

Bro Lokman- Just to Show off

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