Friday, February 27, 2009

Teluk Ketapang Beach. February 27, 2009

Today I went as early as 7am to Teluk Ketapang Beach, only 8 minutes driving from my house at Banggul Air Lilih, Batu Enam. Went I reach there almost all area along the Teluk Ketapang Beach was already occupied, I manage to get my spot in front of the wakaf. today the tide should be full at 9:30am so I got two and the half hour to fish for GELAMA. My bait is only a small prawn. Within two and the half hour I manage to catch 36 Gelama with the different sizes.

(The line of angler's on my right hand side)

(The scenery of anglers on my left hand side)

(This boy catch a nice size of "Gelama Gigi Jarang")

(This all my 3 hours catch)

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